Tha Wrecka (thawrecka) wrote,
Tha Wrecka


Hello! I'm not dead.

Uh, in the last bunch of months I renovated, moved into my house, took a week long trip to Seattle for Sakuracon, met a bajillion people, spent so much time on studying it made me want to cry, bought furniture, wished I was capable of putting together furniture and spent far too much time playing the first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game (which I still have not finished yet NO SPOILERS). Also fell in unrequited love (mostly with shoes I can't afford), watched a bunch of movies (Avengers! Underworld 4! the auteuristic products of a bunch of wealthy middle class white guys!) and decided I'm no longer interested in dating men.

At some point when looking at my study materials doesn't make me want to break down in hopeless tears I may actually leave the house for things other than work and grocery shopping.
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