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Participate in Your Manipulation
Tha Wrecka's LJ
Too many social networking sites and not enough time to read them all!
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brandysniffer From: brandysniffer Date: 4th April 2012 19:59 (UTC) (Link)

formerly briar.

In a stroke of vanity (90%) and perhaps nostalgia, I googled myself whilst also trawling for Buffyfic. I have not been in the fandom loop for a while now, and as expected I found, like, three pages with my fic in it. I have not maintained a site of my own since Geocities closed, and I haven't been on a list or comm or anything for a while now, also.

I was so, soo happy to find your Buffyrecs. It took me back to when I really loved Buffy fandom, my gateway-writing fandom, and how much fun and love I had reading stories and feedbacking and sometimes writing and stuff.

Thank you for recommending Lemonade. I loved when you said you loved it a year ago when it came out and you still liked it.

I hope to have time and see how many of your links still work. I assume most of them won't, but maybe not all. Have a brilliant day.
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