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jpop ficlet slow movement shige/tegoshi 1/1

Serious writer's block. I mean, I know, I should just write anyway and I'm trying but I just can't focus. This little holiday block has been the only time when my arms haven't hurt when typing, too, so I should have taken advantage of it but right now even little scraps are too hard to finish. Anyway.

Title - Slow Movement
Fandom - Jpop/NEWS
Pairing - Shige/Tegoshi
Summary - I'm not sure of you.

Scorpio and Cancer go really well together, Tegoshi tells him. Certainly they fit against each other well when Shige slings an arm around Tegoshi's side or when Tegoshi clings to Shige's back. Compatibility - Is that what it means when Tegoshi's tired hands find his?

He still can't stand Tegoshi much of the time. Too much, too loud, moving too fast. Tegoshi's becoming a real adult, picking up speed as he steps toward something beyond his vision. Shige feels like he's aging in reverse.

"Give in," Tegoshi says, but not to what.

Shige isn't an immovable object but Tegoshi isn't an unstoppable force. He's not sure where they're heading but he knows the way out if he doesn't like it. He doesn't think they're written in the stars.

"Make me want to," he says.

Maybe he won't.
Tags: ficposts, ficposts: 2008
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