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My Boss My Hero Untitled, Makio/Jun, 170 words

Jun was silly like a girl, was short like a girl and got manicures like a girl. Jun liked stupid nicknames like a girl and got jealous like a girl. Sometimes Makio even thought Jun was pretty like a girl, a flat-chested girl that wore boy's trousers.

Jun, however, was not a girl. That made Makio's recent dreams about Jun wearing pretty girly kimono and adopting babies really strange.

Makio decided to ask Kuroi about it but he just looked at Makio funny and said that he didn't know nothing about dream interpretation.

Makio decided to tell Jun about it instead.

Jun blinked a lot, then said, "Makky, I didn't know you felt that way about me."


"This is all so sudden. I don't know if I can accept your feelings."

Jun promised to think about it and went away. Makio was still confused.

Makio asked Kazu about it. Kazu said the dreams were probably because of eating spicy things before bed. Makio stopped eating spicy things before bed.

My Boss My Hero Human Desire, Ironface/Makio, Hikari/Makio, Hikari/Jun, Makio/Jun, Makio/Pudding, 630 words


She feels a bit silly, fantasising about a former student, even if he did turn out to be 27 years old. She thinks surely it must be unethical to even think about his strong and manly arms like that. At the very least it makes her feel very childish.

It's not that she ever would have done something about it. Even if she didn't still think of him as her student and hadn't learnt his yakuza secret, he was still not the sort of man she would ever date. He was attractive, yes, but very very strange and quite probably not entirely sane.

Nonetheless, it felt naughty to fantasise about him taking off her glasses, undoing her hair and kissing her breathless.

She supposed there wasn't any actual harm in fantasising about it and settled down to imagine him picking her up and carrying her off to bed.


Hikari is sure she'll get over Sakaki-kun someday. She's just not sure she really wants to.

She doesn't really want to be with him, either. No matter how much she tries to downplay it, his gang life is really scary. She couldn't be with someone who lived like that.

But before that, when they hung out together, he was tall and cute and really funny and he liked her. He wasn't like the other guys. He was special and different and interesting.

She'll get over him someday. Just not yet.


Jun really likes Hikari. He's liked her so long that he's forgotten why he started. He wishes she could really like him that way, too.

He's tried to be what she wanted but he knows it's not working. What she really wants is Makky and that's something he can never be.

He can tell that she's tried, tried hard to pretend that she could learn to like him, but in his heart he knew it was doomed to fail.

"Maybe if we just give it some time I can move on and start to feel that way for you instead," she said.

"Okay," he said and smiled.

He didn't believe her.


Jun doesn't get why people always think he's into Makky. He's not! Really, he's not like that! He doesn't like boys. Makky is just the first guy friend he's had. Really, that's all.

He just gets jealous when other people monopolise Makky because Makky was his friend first and is his best friend. He just doesn't like to share his friends, that's all. Really!

He doesn't get why anyone would say it's weird that Makky likes to hug him or pat him. Makky's just a touchy guy! It's normal! It's not like Makky does it all the time! Jun just likes it because it's so friendly.

"No, dude, I think you're gay for him," Hoshino says.

Hoshino's just being silly!

"I think you only like Hikari because she's emotionally unavailable," Saki says.

Saki reads the quizzes in too many girl magazines.

"Things are different in this era so I can accept your relationship with my son," Makky's dad says.

Makky's dad is scary and confusing.

"The idea of me having a crush on Makky just doesn't make any sense," Jun says. "Don't you agree?"

"Um, can we talk about something else? It's just that you've been talking about Sakaki-kun for two hours so far," Hikari says.

He's just not like that. Really!


Pudding is an important part of Makio's life.

It sits before him in soft, gelatinous globs of joy and then it goes into his mouth and brings him such pleasure that words cannot truly describe it. It brings meaning to his mornings, his afternoons, his lunchtimes. It makes his mind sharp. It makes him more forgiving of Kazu's mistakes.

Truly, Makio loves pudding. Pudding loves him back.

Osen Precious Mr Alcohol, Handa Sen/Ezaki Yoshio, 800 words

Ezaki wobbled back into the Isshouan, feeling bubbly and wonderful. He'd been able to get someone else to pay for his drinks all night and his head was buzzing pleasantly. He tried to be quiet as he made his way back into the building.

He heard the noise of someone clumping up the hallway and froze, afraid he'd woken someone up and was going to get scolded again. Instead it turned out to be Osen, once again drunk as a skunk. She slowly stumbled towards him, seeming only to realise he was there just before she bumped into him.

Her eyes went wide with recognition. "Yocchan-san!" she shouted gleefully.

He muttered her name in acknowledgement as he tried to pull her completely upright. She giggled and just leaned further against him, pushing her head against his neck.

"Take me to bed," she ordered, poking him.

"Uh, okay," he said, feeling kind of awkward and uncomfortable. She wouldn't stop touching him and that was kind of weird and unusual.

Ezaki tried to get his arms around her without being inappropriate at all. It was a little difficult, especially with the way Osen kept wriggling about and looking up at him.

They made slow progress to her room. He was tempted to just prop her up against the door but she pulled him inside.

"I have chocolate," she told him in a small voice like it was a state secret. "Do you want some?"

Ezaki shook his head. "I should probably go to bed or something."

"But it's good," she protested.

She pushed one tiny square of chocolate into her mouth, closed her eyes and made little noises of enjoyment. She was such a drunken hedonist.

Ezaki cleared his throat. "Maybe one piece."

He knelt on the floor next to her and put his hands out. She placed a small piece of the rich, dark chocolate in his palms. It smelt expensive. When he put it in his mouth he couldn't help exclaiming at the smooth, strong and slightly bitter taste. "It's good!"

Osen smiled widely and reached for a bottle of sake. Well, if she was going to offer him a drink who was he to refuse?

She passed him the bottle after she'd taken a swig of it, sweet sweet alcohol that tasted like not having to spend money. The only things that could make it better were food and girls.

Osen spilt a little on herself when she took the bottle back, soaking her hand and the edge of her sleeve.

"Careful," Ezaki admonished. It was probably bad to get booze on material that expensive. She only giggled and started licking her hand clean.

"Yocchan-san should drink more," she said.

It was a bit weird how she could go from being so mature and forceful at times to so immature and silly at others.

She passed the drink toward him but wobbled, spilling it all over his neck and one side of his shirt.

"Okay," he said, pulling the bottle out of her hands and putting it safely on the floor. "I think you've had enough."

Then she started licking his neck.

"Wait a bit, what are you doing?" he asked.

"Can't waste precious Mr Alcohol."

"That's not--" Ezaki gulped. It felt kind of good.

"You taste good. Salty!"

He knew he should stop her. It was weird and inappropriate and if anyone else found out he would definitely get in trouble. Tomekichi would probably cry. Instead of doing the right thing he let her kiss him.

She was really forceful, pushing him down to the floor and practically climbing on top of him. It occured to him that maybe this whole thing had just been an excuse for her to take advantage of him.

He pulled her hair pin out and her hair spilled all over the place. It was long and soft and he'd secretly found the thought of all that hair sexy for weeks.

Trying to pull her clothes off was not so easy. Her outfits were beautiful (and looked really expensive) but they were fiddly and difficult. Kissing her and trying to undo things at the same time was just too hard. She, on the other hand, wasn't having any problems with pushing his shirt up and wriggling all over him.

He rolled them over. He thought maybe if he pushed it up from the bottom her outfit would be easier to get off or at least get around.

At first when he touched her legs she giggled and complained that it tickled. After that she was silent for a while. Then she started snoring.

Ezaki looked up to see Osen blissfully asleep. He sighed, long and hard, then straightened the room up and left.

He wondered if she'd even remember in the morning.
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