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ficlet- yamapi's big secret

I went to the effort of typing this up after all. Don't be expecting literary brilliance or an actual plot or anything. I'm pretty sure I threatened someone with this in IM a few weeks ago, never let it be said I don't follow up on writing retardation. Yamapi's Big Secret, completely gen...

Yamapi gathered his group, took a deep breath and began.

"Everybody, I have a confession to make."

"What is it?" Massu said, halfway through a curry bun, looking worried.

"Whatever it is, we'll support you," Koyama promised. "I want you to feel safe in trusting us with anything."

Koyama was being very encouraging but Yamapi still worried. It wasn't an easy thing to say. He just hoped they wouldn't think he was crazy, though he felt comfortable knowing that these people would accept him even if he was crazy.

"I am actually an alien," he finally admitted.

"Wow, a lot of things make sense now."

"I knew it all along."

Yamapi blinked, confused. He thought he'd been so sneaky.

"I can't believe you actually thought that was a secret," Ryo muttered as he left the room.

It was very reminiscent of when he'd told Jin...


"Jin, I have to tell you a secret," Yamapi had started, twisting uncomfortably on the couch, "and you have to promise to not think less of me."

Jin promised right away. "Is it something naughty? Are you having an affair with Swedish twins?"


"Did you eat the last of the cake?"

"No. Jin, I'm an alien."

Yamapi wasn't really sure how he'd held out on telling Jin for so long. It felt like he'd been bursting with the secret for forever.

"Well, yeah, that's kind of obvious, Pi."


"You seriously thought I didn't know? I figured it out ages ago."

"Um. Okay. Cool."


A few months later Yamapi bumped into Kame in one of the hallways.

"Hello," Kame said and made this weird face like he wasn't sure whether he was meant to smile, before awkwardly trying to fix his hair.

Yamapi suddenly felt so guilty that so many people already knew and Kame was all left out that he blurted it out instantly.

"Is-- Is that why you haven't called me?" Kame asked. "I can understand if you're preoccupied with alien things. I don't want to pressure you."

"I've just been busy."

"Being an alien."



Later, Tegoshi cornered him.

"Yamashita-kun, are you part of an advance force trying to take over the world? Because I would be okay with that."


"The human race being enslaved would be fine as long as it was you."
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