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Fic: (Will You Catch Me?), Jin/Yamapi

(Will You Catch Me?)
Jin/Pi, cosplay hijinks+secret voyeurism, just under 700 words
note - I meant to write this two months ago. Whoops! I also intended it to be something rather different initially.

Jin had been feeling tired and morose, lately, ineffectually angry at nothing, removed from it all. Nothing would make the feeling go away, nothing would make things really work. He didn't even think anything in particular was really wrong - there was just something greyed out and hollow at the edge of his existence that wouldn't go away.

In a fit of nostalgia, or perhaps stupidity, he had hunted down his old nurse costume from the clinic skit, thinking of simple times. It still fit but not very well, tighter than he remembered. He wasn't really sure what he hoped to achieve by wearing it but as he smoothed it down over his thighs he felt something sparking inside him, almost like he really cared for a moment.

Jin was so hot in women's clothing. It gave him a powerful rush, fed something hungry and hot inside him. He flicked his hair over his shoulder and posed in the mirror.

He didn't want to take it off.


Yamapi probably should have been more surprised to find Jin wearing a nurse's uniform. Then again, Jin was a very strange person which was a large part of why Yamapi got along with him so well.

"What do you think, Pi?" Jin asked, twirling around.

Yamapi thought. "Your dress doesn't match your shoes."

"Not matching is sexy."


"I know more about being sexy than you. Schoolgirls across the country agree."

Yamapi scoffed. "What's so sexy about you?"

Jin just smirked and licked his mouth.

"That makes you look retarded!" Yamapi protested. "Or thirsty."

"Everyone loves it. You just don't want to admit I'm better at being sexy than you are."

"This," declared Yamapi, opening his shirt, "is grade-A sexy right here."

"Come over here and say that."

Yamapi stomped over. "Yeah?"

"I win at being hot."

"Prove it," Yamapi challenged.

Jin grabbed Yamapi's hand and placed it on his thigh. "My legs are sexy. Feel how sexy they are."

"If you were so sexy you wouldn't have to move my hand."

"You're not feeling it properly!"


They're idiots, such idiots. Kame would laugh but then he'd give his position away. They're so obvious that it makes him want to roll his eyes but instead he'll sit here, just far enough out of sight, and watch them figure themselves out, slowly. The dawning comprehension in Yamapi's eyes when his hand slides up under Jin's dress, the loose and sloppy movements of Jin's mouth as his body shows him what it wants.

They go from separate to close up in less than a second, Yamapi's hand clutching Jin's hip like a lifeline.

Yamapi's eyes are wide and confused, as if he doesn't understand what he's doing or why, as if he doesn't know why he can't stop himself. Kame wonders what he thought would happen, what game he thought he was playing with Jin. He opens his mouth, as if to say stop, but then Jin pushes his shirt off and he only looks more lost.

Jin looks like he's laughing into the skin of Yamapi's neck. He pushes against the wall and pins Yamapi like a butterfly.

Yamapi's hand is on the end of Jin's dress - not pushing it up, just holding it there, holding on. His other hand moves around Jin's neck in a parody of a hug, pushing into Jin's messy hair as Jin undulates against him.

To Kame, Pi looks like he's in shock. He's like a man struggling against the rushing tide but he's drowning, weakening, losing his ground. Kame can see him going under.

Even from here Kame can hear the strangled edges of noise; Yamapi's choking gasps, Jin's hollow sounds. When it's over Jin turns and kisses Yamapi's face with his cruel and selfish mouth. Yamapi flops over as if completely drained.

Yamapi still looks wide-eyed and innocent but also a little broken. Like a sea creature dashed against the rocks and put back together all wrong. It's an appealing look on him.

Jin smiles but even now he doesn't look truly happy. The vicious light in his eyes is dim, unsatisfied.

Kame walks away, feeling vindicated.
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