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I wrote fic. Ryo/Tego serial killer fic. You can all thank wintersjuly for encouraging me ♥♥

Ryo wiped the blood from his hands. It had been a long day of serial killing and he was tired and wanting a shower. He'd gotten gore all over his hair...

As he turned down the alleyway he bumped straight into someone. Ryo sighed; it was always a pain to have to kill the witnesses.

"Eh? Ryo-tan?" came a familiar voice.

"Tegoshi!" Ryo exclaimed in shock. Tegoshi was smiling cheerfully but he seemed to have blood on his collar. That was weird... Ryo was sure Tegoshi didn't have enough testosterone to need to shave.

"Ryo-tan, is that a horribly mutilated body behind you?"

"No, that's..."

"This is so exciting! Ryo-tan is a serial killer and I never knew. Me, too!"


"Sometimes I have to bathe in the blood of virgins. It's why I have such good skin," Tegoshi said in a confiding tone.

Ryo felt proud. "Tego-nyan, I always knew you had potential!"

"Let's go kill people together next time! You can teach me how you did all that creative stuff with that guy's intestines."

"I can't think of anything I want more," Ryo said, happily, and they skipped off home to share a shower and some tips.
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