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* This makes me think of Prince of Tennis and this makes me think of almost every other Japanese series I've ever followed.

* I have so much energy! Somehow, it's like working hard for 8 hour days woke up my body. I feel like I could stay awake for ages, like I could get so much done. It's fabulous.

* Just before I left the guy I was reporting to at the filing job said, "You're the best person we've had for a while. No, I think you're the best person at this we've ever had." OMG that made me feel awesome to hear. Even if it's only filing!

* Tezuka/Fuji, set at some unspecified future date, and I dedicate this to mari_yagami because I ♥ her muchly (it's what we talked about, and it's not quite how I wanted, but it'll do), A Fine Walk in the Late Afternoon

The afternoon was beginning to shade into night as they set off for the day. The air was alive with the sounds of people packing up around them, the heavy flat sounds of doors closing.

With the years Tezuka had grown awkwardly tall, and Fuji put a helpful hand on Tezuka's back to nudge him forward as Tezuka fit under the doorway and moved outside. Fuji let his hand slide down to the small of Tezuka's back and left it there. Tezuka didn't even register the warm presence on his back until they neared the gates. It occured to him that this wasn't the first time this had happened, nor would it likely be the last. Tezuka couldn't remember the first instance of such casual physical contact, but had the feeling it had been occuring with increasing frequency since junior high.

Tezuka said nothing.

Fuji's hand drifted away, finally, as they quietly walked up the street. Soon Fuji would turn left and Tezuka would turn right but there was something comfortable and familiar about this quiet togetherness that Tezuka greatly appreciated.

Fuji gave the gift of a warm smile and a pleasant goodbye as they went their seperate ways. Somehow, it felt that they were really only moving closer together.
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