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Let's play another round of Tha Wrecka can't write proper length stories anymore so settles for posting crappy ficlets instead!

An Eiji in Motion

Eiji is only truly himself in motion. Spends classes fidgeting in his chair, waiting for the lesson to be over, until the teacher hisses at him to sit still. Tap-tap-taps his foot to the beat he's making up in his head until Fuji grabs his leg to hold his foot down.

Eiji likes when he gets to stand up again, wants to stretch until he can feel all the muscles in his arms and bend back as far as his body will let him go. Tenses all the muscles in his legs just to feel the burn.

He likes touching people, holding people, feeling the movements in their bodies like they were his own. The movement of laughter in a broad chest, the twist of a neck as they turn away from him.

He dreams sometimes of forced stillness, of being quiet and numb and breathless. Wakes up weighed down by pillows and sheets. Has to remember he knows how to move after all.

untitled terribly affected Oishi/Tezuka-ish teeny tiny ficlet

"Oishi," Tezuka says, breathes a whole universe of life into one word.

Their hands, warm and damp, holding, fitting together like oiled screws. The slight smell of perspiration. The red heat of the sun. The rough sound of breathing like a rushing wave, threatening to pull them under.

They look at each other and move.

The incident with the violet eyeshadow and lingerie, all waxrose's fault I swear

Due to lots of studying and practicing and manly repression, as well as other important Tezuka-ish things, Tezuka was feeling a little sleepy. He'd hidden himself in the locker room for a tiny little nap, reasoning that nobody went in there at that time of the day and no harm could possibly come of it.

Little did he know that Kikumaru and Fuji were around the corner.

The screaming when he woke up could be heard all the way to rival schools.

Tezuka didn't want to know why his teammates carried ugly makeup and women's lingerie with them. He didn't want to know why they thought he'd look good in them. He did, however, want to do great violence to Fuji's camera and whoever helped him post the pictures up throughout the school.
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