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untitled ficlet, Atobe/Tezuka-ish
Tezuka had no idea what he was doing, why he was here. He had no idea why he was sitting in Atobe's bedroom, his palms slightly sweaty against the material of Atobe's all too expensive duvet. He had no idea why he'd followed Atobe home after bumping into him, just because the other had asked.

"I'm just going to slip into something more comfortable," Atobe said in his low and intense voice and sauntered off somewhere to change.

Tezuka's eyes were so wide behind his glasses he felt sure they must be perfectly round. He contemplated running away while Atobe wasn't watching him but couldn't get his body to move. Instead, he dug his hands harder into the material and tried to breathe as deeply as possible.

Atobe reentered the room wearing... a polo shirt and shorts. And then he picked up his tennis racket.

Tezuka blinked. "You want to play tennis with me?"

"Well, yes. What else could I have possibly asked you here for?"

"I have no idea." Tezuka exhaled, relaxed a little and finally stood up. Somehow he felt like this was all Inui and Kikumaru's fault.

Birthday Wishes, Fuji/Taka
Fuji blew out the candles on his extra hot and spicy birthday cake and smiled, gently.

"Make a wish!" Eiji yelled out.

"I can't imagine what I want that I don't already have," Fuji replied.

Eiji snorted in disbelief.

"All right, then. I'll make a wish," Fuji said, and winked. "But it's a secret!"

"Aw, no fair!" Eiji complained.

"Eiji, not so loud," Oishi said.

Fuji turned to his left once Eiji was suitably distracted. "Thank you for the cake, Taka-san."

"It was no trouble," he replied, blushing.

"It must have taken an awfully long time to bake. And you did it all by yourself," Fuji put a companionable hand on Taka's forearm.

"I got my dad to help me," Taka replied, bashfully.


Later, when Eiji stumbled on to Fuji and Taka enthusiastically making out in one of the hallways Fuji would only say that he was properly thanking Taka for the cake.

BtVS, gen, Birthday Girl, semi-sequel to Not Real
For a long time, Dawn's favourite birthday memory was of the year she turned seven. Mom and dad were still together then and Buffy hadn't gone totally weird yet. They all went out to Dawn's favourite burger place and she had a cheeseburger and fries and there was icecream cake. She got a new bicycle. She remembers her parents smiling warmly at her over the cake and Buffy trying to steal her coke.

This is her first birthday since they left Sunnydale and Dawn thinks it may well be her new favourite.

Giles is wearing a silly pink and purple paper hat that Andrew forced on him earlier. Buffy is actually laughing at whatever thing Giles is saying in his dry and really British voice (or possibly just at his hat).

Willow's on the phone from South America saying, "Happy birthday, Dawnie!" over the crackle, their voices overlapping and coming slowly over the long distance. Xander called earlier but couldn't talk long because he had to go do some really important thing.

It's not the most exciting party ever, sure, but it's nice. Nice to be with people she cares about, nice to make some real memories, nice to feel special just for a day.
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