Tha Wrecka (thawrecka) wrote,
Tha Wrecka

Hikaro no Go fic

Title: Rivals!!!
Author: Tha Wrecka (
Warnings: Saeki/Ashiwara, 85 words, silliness

Saeki was thrown off enough by Ashiwara manhandling him and dragging him out of the building that he didn't notice when Ashiwara was going in for the kiss. He was shocked by the momentary press of a soft, wet mouth against his own, too much so to formulate a response straightaway.

He blinked, befuddled, for moments.

"Ashiwara," he began, taking a moment to compose himself. "We're supposed to be rivals. Rivals don't kiss."

"Really?" Ashiwara responded, in a sing-song voice. "Then tell that to Akira-kun~!"
Tags: ficposts, ficposts: 2006
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