Tha Wrecka (thawrecka) wrote,
Tha Wrecka

Perilous Quest, 1/1, PG

Title: Perilous Quest
Fandom: Get Backers
Warnings: sort of Kazuki/Juubei but not really, complete lack of spoilers

Juubei got to his feet and stood like a proud warrior. "We'll meet again someday," he said as he reached the door.

The light filtered dramatically through the open doorway, illuminating his heroic form.

Kazuki brought his hand up to his face in horror. "Juubei, you're just going out to buy milk."

"It will be a perilous quest..."

"If you're just going to get lost I'll go with you, Juubei," Kazuki said, exasperated.
Tags: ficposts, ficposts: 2006, get backers
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