Tha Wrecka (thawrecka) wrote,
Tha Wrecka

CFUD Ficlet: Blood and Tea 1/1

I, uh, sorta wrote fanfic based on CFUD. Um. Yes, wasn't planning to but, Blood and Tea

Hakkai is so very civilised, the most civilised killer Ishida has ever spoken to. It should be restful to look upon his dark floppy hair, that gentle smile, the monocle (but the eye rolls around awkwardly beneath the glass and there is something wrong with his smile).

Hakkai politely drinks his tea and makes conversation about the weather with long meaningful silences. Somehow conversations with Hakkai make the weather as filled with doom as conversations about demons. They do not speak of family.

Hakkai has healed completely already. Ishida is still sore and awkward, far too used to (being drenched in blood) the hot taste of his own blood at the back of his throat. It no longer makes the tea taste strange to him.

Ishida should be afraid of Hakkai, he's seen the (demon) man fight, his strength and speed and violent instinct, but he's not afraid, exactly. He doesn't know why he keeps talking to him, why he's drawn to Hakkai when they're every conversation is like digging into a wound.

Ishida coughs politely. "What did it feel like?" he asks.

Hakkai gives him a most unpleasant smile.
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