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My job rules! Also, Naruto ficlet

*La, la, continued pimpage: sakulee (I am going to be obnoxious about this).

*Fremantle is stunning to look at in the mornings. When the train comes into the station the view of the harbour is just so wow - it has this strange industrial beauty and the water sparkles so blue.

*By the way? I love my job.

*I've been getting so much writing done. I write in my notebook on the train to work, I write at lunchtimes at a table at Merchant Tea Company with a cup of coffee and then I write in the train on the way home. The way I'm going? I may even finish a story in the next 2 weeks which, considering my record, pretty special.

*Ficlet-y thing I wrote on the way home:

Here Gaara can bury his feet up to the ankle in sand and nobody bats an eye. The wet sand squelches between his toes, strange and fascinating.

Temari pulls up her skirt and runs about in the water, then splashes Kankuro. He sputters for a moment, then it's on, serious water fight.

Gaara listens to them laughing and shrieking from the beach.

Here they play like normal children, not killers.
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