July 29th, 2007

romance is dead

JE RPF: Compilation Something-or-Other 1/1, Ryo/Shige, Koyama/Shige

It's after midnight in my corner of the universe so, happy birthday wintersjuly. Have a good one and please to not die for many more years.


Title: Compilation Something-or-Other
Author: Tha Wrecka
Email: scorpionightmare@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: This didn't happen. The author of the following work of fiction intends no defamation. All resemblances to real events are coincidences, all departures from fact are creative license.
Summary: Shige doesn't know what he wants but he knows it isn't this.
Warnings: Ryo/Shige, Shige/Koyama, other pairings implied (esp Tegoshi/everyone), boys being stupid.
Feedback: Would make me happy as long as it's not flamey. Via comments or to my email.
Notes: Thank you to seraphcelene for looking over the first draft and violetsquirrel for thorough and frequent betawork. 3706 words holy crap. I listened to Bonnie Pink's Reminiscence album the whole time I wrote this and it's probably a bit obvious how much I listened to just Perfect and That's Just What You Are.

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