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24Hr Valentines Fic - Participate in Your Manipulation
Tha Wrecka's LJ
24Hr Valentines Fic
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pashoshi From: pashoshi Date: 15th February 2008 07:07 (UTC) (Link)
Your ending is so very...typical of JE fic. XD And therefore awesome.

I have a not-very-secret (I think) love for Kusano ninjaing in on KoyaShige fic, so this makes me very happy. And also Shige being flaily and Koyama being dumb and both of them laughing a lot is always fun. (And I am failing at coherence, but yes, I liked this.)
thawrecka From: thawrecka Date: 15th February 2008 07:10 (UTC) (Link)

Kusano is such an awesome ninja and they are all such dorks. I'm glad it was fun! ♥
59 comments or Leave a comment